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          Learn more about School Watch


          School Watch Cost Structure

          Single Session Option





          Student session** 


          *Registration for the webinar will include the 50-page colour School Watch Guide, ideas for lesson plans and activities, and lots of other exciting and informative resources. You will also receive a Special 1/2 Price Discount on the CoCoRaHS rain Gauge, if you choose to buy one, which normally sell for $60! 

          **EcoSpark will bring all the scientific monitoring equipment necessary, along with field identification materials and data sheets. Student sessions are usually 2 hours long and take place outdoors on or around school property

          Full Year Option


          To better accommodate the variability of schools, there is no registration form for the full-year stream. Please Contact the citizen science coordinator to discuss registration options for your school! dana@ecospark.ca


          General Policies

          • Maximum of 30 students per student session
          • A single school can book up to 3 student sessions on a single day 
          • Any additional students brought on the day of the study without notifying an EcoSpark staff member at least 3 days prior to the study will be charged a cost of $20/student.


          Cancellation Policy

          Single Session Option

          2 weeks prior to study

          100% refund

          1 week prior to study

          50% refund

          1 day prior

          0% refund

          Bad Weather Cancellation

          100% refund




          Subsidy Application

          In some circumstances we are able to provide subsidies for our programming. Please fill out our Subsidy Application Form to apply for a subsidy. Please note that subsidies are limited and are granted on a first come, first served basis.