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          Moraine Hero Awards (2006-2012)

          The Moraine Hero Awards were given to recognize and celebrate people who helped make the Oak Ridges Moraine a better place. Between 2006 and 2012, EcoSpark recognized 33 Moraine Heroes representing 2100 individuals. Awards were given to an individual, organization or agency that contributed significantly to improving the ecology and hydrology of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the social well-being of people who live and work on or downstream of the Moraine.

          Awards were presented in the following categories:

          Community Champion

          ...a volunteer who made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of land, water, and living on the Oak Ridges Moraine

           Landowner Champion

          ...a landowner who made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of land and water on their moraine property

          Municipal Leadership

          ...a municipality (e.g. department, staff member or elected representative) who demonstrated outstanding leadership in protecting and preserving the Oak Ridges Moraine

          Collaborative Efforts

          ...a group of individuals or agencies that demonstrated outstanding collaborative efforts to protect and preserve the Oak Ridges Moraine

          Proactive Approaches

          ...individuals and agencies that demonstrated proactive approaches to moraine policy (i.e. water, land use, infrastructure etc.)


          2006 Moraine Heroes 

          2007 Moraine Heroes 

          2010 Moraine Heroes  

          2012 Moraine Heroes 

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