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          Changing Currents Curriculum Connections

          Teachers can use EcoSpark's Changing Currents program to help achieve their course expectations. Our teacher-participants have found Changing Currents particularly complementary with the following Ontario curriculum courses and units:

          Grade 6 Science

          Grade 7 Science
          Interactions in the Environment

          Grade 8 Science
          Water Systems

          Grade 9 Geography (CGC1D / CGC1P)
          Interactions in the Physical Environment
          Liveable Communities

          Grade 9 Science (SNC1D / SNC1P)
          Sustainable Ecosystems/Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity

          Grade 10 Civics (CHV20)
          Civic Engagement and Action

          Grade 11 Biology (SBI3U)
          Diversity of Living Things

          Grade 11 Environmental Science (SVN3M)
          Human Health and the Environment
          Reducing and Managing Waste

          Curious to know if your class, or subject fits with Changing Currents? Contact changingcurrents@ecospark.ca and let us know what you are looking for!