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          Changing Currents-Nurture Nature Collaborative

          Connect your students to the Central Lake Ontario Watershed through citizen science AND stewardship!

          EcoSpark is excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at Central Lake Ontario Conservation! We are now offering a combined program where teachers can register for TWO programs at once, allowing students to take part in hands-on water quality monitoring (Changing Currents) and stewardship (Nurture Nature) through a full day of outdoor programming in Heber Down or Enniskillen Conservation Areas. This collaboration will take place in the spring and fall.

          Registration for Spring 2020 Season will open January 13th, 2020! Spring season launches April 13th, and runs through June 12th. 

          What's Changing Currents?

          EcoSpark's award-winning Changing Currents program introduces grades 6 to 12 students from across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to their local watersheds and teaches them about watershed science. Students get outside, put on chest waders, explore a river or stream and learn about the importance of water quality through citizen science. For more information, contact Changing Currents staff at changingcurrents@ecospark.ca or 647-258-3280 x 2011. 

          What's Nurture Nature?

          Central Lake Ontario Conservation's Nurture Nature program takes elementary and secondary students out of the classroom into natural habitats where they participate in a stewardship project. The goal of the stewardship project is to provide habitat and protect water quality in local creeks and address the impacts of climate change. For this collaboration, the stewardship activity will take place over half a day and include a focus on planting native trees and shrubs.  An additional optional component to this program is for students to come back to the site each year to measure the progress of their plantings through the Association for Canadian Education Resources (ACER) and their Riparian Ranger program.  For more information, contact Nurture Nature staff at cgrant@cloca.com or 905-579-0411 ext 108.

          I'm interested! What's involved?

          1. Register and pay for the program ($10/student for Changing Currents; Nature Nurture $7/student for grades 6-8 and $7+$0.91 (HST)/High School students grades 9-12)
          2. Confirm your program date
          3. Attend a teacher training for Changing Currents with EcoSpark (April 4th, 2020) site TBA.
          4. Spend the day outside with your students monitoring and stewarding the Central Lake Ontartio Conservation Area
          5. Please note that bussing is not included. Schools will need to arrange their own mode of transportation

          This program can only accommodate up to 60 students/day and is intended for grade 6-12 students.

          Who is Central Lake Ontario Conservation?

          Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) is a local, community based, environmental organization and one of 36 Conservation Authorities responsible for managing watershed resources across Ontario. Established in 1958, CLOCA's jurisdiction is based on the watershed boundaries of 4 major watercourses and 18 minor watercourses draining an area of over 627 square km. A watershed is an area of land drained by a river or creek and its tributaries into a body of water like a lake or ocean. Our watershed stretches from the municipal boundaries of Ajax/Pickering to Clarington, and north, from Lake Ontario to the crest of the Oak Ridges Moraine (see map). Our Partners include the Region of Durham, Cities of Oshawa and Pickering, Towns of Ajax and Whitby, Municipality of Clarington and Townships of Scugog and Uxbridge. In association with these local Municipalities and the Province, we are responsible for flood forecasting, monitoring, stewardship, education, plan review, and land management.



          For more information about this collaborative program, please contact:

          Changing Currents staff: changingcurrents@ecospark.ca or 647-258-3280 ext. 2011

          Nature Nurture staff: cgrant@cloca.com or 905-579-0411 ext. 108

           This collaboration is a partnership between EcoSpark and Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority.


                       This collaboration is generously supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Durham Community Foundation